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Dr Nirdosh, Dr NIRDOSH - United Kingdom | Viadeo

Career building

Customer-satisfaction rates regarding the service they enjoy are very motivating and high. Whilst visiting her clinics, clients are given a comprehensive and special skin-care service. Dr Nirdosh (’s treatment plan for skin-care addresses dry skin and oily skin, wrinkles alongside providing serums and moisturisers.

Developer and Pioneer of Anti-Aging Treatment

Irrespective of how old someone is, Dr Nirdosh is able to make their unique skin seem significantly more youthful. She has designed and produced a tablet for women who may not be quite prepared for surgery due to varying issues. Dr Nirdosh has released little-known, but valuable insight regarding the functioning of the body in her written material.

Dr Nirdosh has a history of supplying outstanding anti-aging solutions for notable business people and famous people worldwide. She is the writer of several books and has authored newspaper columns regarding skin and hormone treatments. Dr Nirdosh is a cosmetics and beauty expert based in London.

Dr Nirdosh's “The Celebrity Secret To Youth” brings the problem of aging skin to the foreground to intensify the reader's knowledge of the topic. Authoring books has assisted her in communicating and distributing her concepts with numerous people, as aging is a persistent issue for patients who are no longer youthful. Via her literature, Dr Nirdosh has significantly enhanced the knowledge of older women pertaining to their appearance and as to why their skin is degrading. The critics of her philosophy have been quietened by the increase in awareness of her philosophies which are explained in detail in her literature.

Dr Nirdosh’s Supplements

Dr Nirdosh advocates a variety of multi-supplements, which she offers to the patients and customers that go to see her at her clinics. Dr Nirdosh prescribes supplements to patients and customers who are not prepared for (and who are nervous about) undergoing invasive procedures. She uses the supplements to increase the level of nutrition in clinic-patients' bodies.

Dr Nirdosh was not recognized by beauticians and the general public as they disagreed with her way of thinking related to the relationship concerning hormones and skin. She proved her theory by demonstrating it on herself, eliminating the aging effects from her skin to prove that the dissent was ungrounded. Widely adopted, her concepts regarding skincare are now the foundations of many procedures provided by other specialists. Dr Nirdosh’s approach deals with the hormones and skin of those who are conscious about their health and appearance.